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A full psychological recovery begins with a referral to an expert clinician.

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To access support, contact Mind Right today. We’ll lay out a clear, concise, efficient and effective treatment plan, all quality managed by dedicated clinicians to deliver the ultimate outcomes.

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If you need a better, more efficient way to guide injured parties through the psychological rehabilitation process, with auditing, oversight and target outcome-focused treatments, join Mind Right and discover a better way of working.


If endless referrals are leading to spiralling costs, delayed return to works and poorly managed, unfocused treatment plans and outcomes for injured parties, join Mind Right to keep your costs down, while supporting the needs of your policyholders.


If you want to minimise absenteeism or simply safeguard your employees’ psychological wellbeing by ensuring that they’ll be looked after in the event of psychological ill health, join Mind Right to ensure help is at hand whenever you need it.

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