Assure - helping businesses to manage difficult situations.

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Introducing Assure.

Assure from Mind Right is a unique clinician-led incident management service and the final missing piece in the management of traumatic events.

Offered directly to businesses, or powered by a forward-thinking insurance product, Assure provides remote or on-site, post-incident clinical guidance and psychological support for those affected by a traumatic event. 


How Assure can help.

Assure provides comprehensive and immediate psychological support, appropriate treatment and advice for those who have experienced a major traumatic incident within the workplace and can even capture possible pre-claim information for an insurer.

Assure assists employers and management to deal with a major incident, providing tangible support, enabling individuals to manage their own health whilst providing managers with the skill to support their employees by offering an immediate response helpline for instant triage/help. 

Our management team and clinicians are experts in both the management of trauma and supporting key stakeholders to make sense of an unfolding event whilst giving much needed help to those involved.

As every major Incident is different, our dedicated clinical advice and response team are trained to create totally bespoke responses to the incident quickly.

A further feature of the Assure service is that it supports insurers and businesses through the claim process with data gathering and use of techniques that support those affected whilst minimising claim risk.


A snapshot of how Assure works.

Immediately following an initial emergency response (Police, Fire, Ambulance), the appointed contact from the business makes a call to the Assure Hotline where initial details are gathered (who to contact, what is known about the incident and those affected, who is the insurer etc.).

The reporting stakeholder will be advised that they will be contacted within one hour by a senior member of the Assure Response Team.


In brief, the services we offer are:

* An Incident support helpline, staffed by expert clinicians who can support those affected by the event.

Advice to management on supporting the needs of their employees following exposure to a traumatic event

* On-site clinical support consisting of one to one or group debrief or treatment sessions.

* Face to Face ongoing treatment

* Detailed reporting

* Ongoing support/aftercare as required.


To find out more information about Assure, contact Mind Right.