The New Way to Manage Psychological Rehabilitation. Introducing Mind Right.

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Introducing a New Approach

We’re in the middle of a revolution. All of us - employers, case managers, solicitors and insurers alike. A huge cultural shift in attitudes towards how mental health treatment is delivered and accessed. The way people think about psychological rehabilitation is changing.

But treatment doesn't always reflect this and legacy treatment pathways and outdated practices create less efficient, less effective care pathways. The historic ways are sometimes the 'not quite right' way. What’s needed is a new way of doing things. A way that puts recovery first. That focuses on specific goals and pre-agreed outcomes. A right way.

The Mind Right way.

The Best Intentions Aren’t Delivering the Best Outcomes

Here’s a fact about psychological treatment:

Clinicians can, if not properly managed, over-service their clients. They aren’t always focused on the end goal - getting that person what they need to return to work and a happier, healthier life.

Instead, they can focus on investigating and addressing pre-existing conditions and scaling up treatment to encompass unrelated issues, whilst producing reports packed with emotive language that make it difficult for case managers, employers and insurers to really get a grip on what’s happening with treatment.

It creates a loop. “We’ve treated this symptom, and it’s revealed that symptom, so let’s add more treatment, revealing more issues…” and round and round and round. It’s done with the best of intentions, but it puts an unnecessary strain on everyone involved and creates confused pathways that don't deliver on the set, agreed goals.

All the while, the person at the heart of all this - the client or injured party being treated - sees no end in sight and can, if given inappropriate treatment, be left with untreated, ongoing mental health issues.

There needs to be a better way. A simple way. A right way.

Focus on the End Goal. That’s the Mind Right Way

Here’s another fact:

Being away from work while you’re being treated for a psychological issue leaves you feeling isolated and can make psychological problems worse.

The sooner someone experiencing psychological issues gets back to a more normal life and routine, the better their outcomes.

That’s what Pete Clark and Mind Right’s Occupational Therapy, Case Management and Psychological Services team have learned during their decades in the industry. And that’s why Mind Right was created. To champion a new way of working.

We focus on the patient’s outcomes. Their goals. Getting them back to their normality.

Mind Right does more than meet the national standards and codes of HCPC, BABCP and BACP. We audit all of our care providers regularly and thoroughly and encourage their professional development to ensure they’re at the forefront of providing effective care.

Mind Right does more than support patients. We provide a stepped care, tiered approach that matches appropriate clinicians with appropriate treatment and addresses specific problems to help them back to normality as quickly as possible.

And Mind Right does more than loosely collect a network of clinicians. We thoroughly vet, test and check our network constantly to ensure that any treatment provider who works under the Mind Right brand meets the very highest professional standards and adheres to the ethos.

Our way of working leads to better outcomes for everyone involved:

For Individuals

Mind Right ensures that the person needing psychological rehabilitation has access to the right treatment, focused on the right goals, to help them return to optimum function and a productive, pre-incident life.

For Case Managers

Mind Right supports case managers, preventing them from being swamped by non-billable work and increased administrative tasks that can easily monopolise their time. Treatment drift is eliminated and appropriate, non-emotive, clinically focused reports are delivered. 

For Insurers

Mind Right gives insurers the clear, impartial information needed to fund the right treatments for the right outcomes and keeps them informed every step of the way.

For Solicitors

Mind Right gives solicitors the ability to refer their clients to the best treatment providers who offer the right kind of support and work to clear, clinical pathways that deliver results.

And for Businesses

Mind Right supports employees' return to work and sustain their recovery in the long term, all while helping and supporting businesses make the right choices at highly competitive price points. 

Don’t Do it the Way it’s Always Been Done. Do it Right.

Mind Right will do things differently and challenge the status quo.”

A new way to handle psychological treatment and support in the workplace is here. A new way of supporting not just the client, but those handling and funding their treatment and any legal issues surrounding it.

A better way.

A right way.

The Mind Right way.

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