Mind Right are proud to be added to the Major Trauma Group

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Mind Right are proud to be added to the Major Trauma Group

We’re delighted to be one of the first psychological treatment providers to join the Major Trauma Group (MTG). Being welcomed into the MTG means that we can work in conjunction with other partners to provide psychological treatment and support for those who have been involved in serious accidents.

This collaborative approach will ensure that the best clinical outcomes can be achieved through Mind Right’s rehabilitation process, and will make for a significantly improved patient experience.


The Major Trauma Group - the experts for complex compensation claims

The Group is made up of leading law firms from across the country who, together with clinicians, have pooled their knowledge and experience to assist major trauma victims and their families through the provision of legal advice and ancillary services.

Using their extensive legal experience and injuries expertise, the Group take care of the complex legal issues and let the patient focus on their rehabilitation journey. 

This new partnership with Mind Right means the Major Trauma Group will benefit from the services of a leadership team with experience in the Occupational Therapy, Case Management and Psychological Rehabilitation Services industry. A team that puts outcomes for patients first. That delivers effective treatments so that employers can welcome key people back to their teams more quickly. One that supports case managers and insurers.


Mind Right services - providing better outcomes for everyone involved.

Our psychological rehabilitation services offer the very best in support to all the stakeholders involved, not just to the client who needs treatment.

Our extensive networks of neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors, will help support case managers, insurers and solicitors by deeply understanding and responding to the needs of the personal injury market. We support the industry as a whole by improving standards and accountability across the board.

Working with insurers, solicitors, and rehabilitation providers, Mind Right deliver a psychological treatment service to their clients, mindful of the ongoing legal processes and distinct needs of the other stakeholders involved in the case.

Mind Right’s stepped care, four-tiered approach matches appropriate clinicians with appropriate treatment, addressing specific problems to help the individual to recover as quickly as possible.

Mind Right free up time and resources to focus on other areas of business and rehabilitation process, safe in the knowledge that the psychological rehabilitation being delivered will manage symptoms, restore function, delight both claimant and defendant stakeholders, and effectively manage costs.

Focused appropriate treatment on the symptoms impacting on the client’s ability to meet their primary rehabilitation goals, minimising treatment sessions and always ensuring that the goal of intervention is sustained are just a few other ways Mind Right prioritise better outcomes for all.

Find out more about the Major Trauma Group and their work towards better clinical outcomes for people impacted by a traumatic event.