Mind Right has now agreed to the code of conduct in relation to the MTSP.

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Mind Right was formed to guide people through a huge, ongoing cultural shift in the way we think about and treat psychological injury and ill health, and to champion a new way of working that leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.

A way that puts outcomes for clients first; that delivers effective treatments to support the needs of all the various stakeholders within the Personal Injury process.  


A way of working that’s right for everyone.

The Mind Right approach can now be accessed in conjunction with the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership (MTSP), a scheme set up by Cardinal Management to support patients who suffer complex injuries, and who might benefit from advice, support, rehabilitation or guidance.

The MTSP have a presence at several Major Trauma Centres across the country. Fundamentally the scheme aims to integrate a client’s treatment between statutory and private services to promote the best treatment outcomes following a significant injury.

Having signed up the MTSP’s Code of Conduct, Mind Right is now able to provide psychological treatment for these clients and agrees to provide the best quality and clinical governance standards.


Why Mind Right is a better way.

Working in partnership with our experienced networks of psychotherapist, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists to promote the best psychological outcomes, Mind Right uses a stepped care, tiered approach that matches appropriate clinicians with appropriate treatment, addressing specific problems to help the individual back to normality as quickly as possible.

We audit all of our treatment providers regularly and thoroughly and encourage their professional development to ensure they’re at the forefront of providing effective care.

Our collaborative approach to working with referrers trained to deliver to specific goals and outcomes means that you can access clear, simple pathways, accessible services and truly competitive pricing.

Our entire operation is led and managed by a team with decades of experience in the field of case management and psychological rehabilitation - giving you peace of mind that your provider truly understands your challenges and requirements.

Mind Right guarantee to provide focused treatment by setting clear treatment goals from the outset that address symptoms impacting on the primary treatment goals. We also look to assume a psychological duty of care to minimise the responsibility and risk for the case manager involved.


Mind Right - better outcomes for everyone involved.

For Individuals, Mind Right ensures that the client needing psychological rehabilitation has access to the right treatment, focused on specific goals, to help them return to optimum function and a productive, pre-incident life.

For Case Managers, Mind Right is for case managers tired of being swamped by non-billable work and increased administrative tasks wanting a more efficient way to guide the client through the psychological rehabilitation process, with auditing, oversight, and target outcome-focused treatments.

For Insurers, Mind Right is a way for insurers tired of endless referrals, spiralling costs, delayed returns to work and poorly managed treatment plans and outcomes, who want to keep costs down while supporting the needs of policyholders.

For Solicitors, Mind Right gives solicitors the ability to refer their clients to the caring treatment providers who with action their referrals in a timely manner to offer the right kind of support and work to clear, clinical pathways that deliver results.

It all adds up to a better way to deliver Psychological Rehabilitation.

The Mind Right way.