Neuropsychology services - another first for Mind Right.

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Mind Right have become the first in the field of psychological rehabilitation to offer a fully national Neuropsychology service dedicated to the treatment of psychological issues. Mind Right now offer Neuropsychologists for both assessment and treatment, throughout the UK.

As specialists in the variety of ways that injury and disease of the brain and nervous system can affect the way a person feels, thinks and behaves, Mind Right’s Neuropsychologists can be accessed for those clients whose psychological conditions are complicated by organic changes, such as those caused when a brain injury occurs. 


Psychological rehabilitation specialists.

Mind Right’s Neuropsychologists have the expertise to treat highly complex, multiple overlaying and even conflicting symptoms and conditions.

Our clinical leadership and senior management team has decades of clinical experience, many in the field of personal injury. We work only with clinicians with years of similar experience. 

We recognise the importance of Neuropsychologists when it comes to significant brain injury or impairment. That’s why Mind Right ensures the person needing psychological rehabilitation has access to the right treatment, focused on the right goals, to help them return to optimum function and a healthy, productive, life as quickly as possible.

Avoid spending weeks of searching for the right Neuropsychologist, with capacity, and join Mind Right to gain instant access to reputable Neuropsychologists available nationwide.


Mind Right - the right way.

Our psychological rehabilitation services offer the very best in support to all the stakeholders involved, not just to the injured party who needs treatment.

Mind Right’s approach avoids unnecessary costs or delays, ensuring the right treatment is delivered at the right time, and that clinical outcomes are delivered and better outcomes are achieved for all involved.

We work with insurers, solicitors, and rehabilitation providers to deliver a psychological treatment service to their clients, mindful of the ongoing legal processes and distinct needs of every stakeholder involved in the case.

We free up time and resource to focus on other areas of business and rehabilitation process, safe in the knowledge that the psychotherapy being delivered will manage symptoms, restore function, delight stakeholders, and effectively manage costs.