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How it works

Mind Right was formed to guide people through a huge, ongoing cultural shift in the way we think about - and treat - psychological injury and ill health.

Now Mind Right, powered by Limbic, has become the first psychological service provider to offer digital, AI-driven triage to the rehabilitation sector.

For case managers, clinicians, employers and service users, Limbic enhances psychological treatment, reducing costs and duration by enabling rapid access to the right treatment, at the right time.

Designed by clinicians for IAPT, Mind Right’s digital tool is a powerful driven digital psychological triage designed to augment psychological treatment through the use of clinical algorithms, identifying the right treatment pathway to deliver unrivalled personalised support from start to finish.

We simply provide the client with a weblink that they use to engage with triage. Mind Right then takes it from there, interacting with the client in a human-like way to complete appropriate psychometrics.

The output of the triage process is reviewed by qualified clinicians and any red flags identified, with the appropriate clinical intervention prioritised and actioned.

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Key Benefits

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Efficient triage

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Reduces referral time

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Appropriate clinician

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Reduces cost of claim

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How Mind Right supports MROs.

Mind Right digital triage allows Medical Reporting Organisations to quickly and correctly identify which cases should be prioritised in the right way from the outset.

  • Makes for quicker triage, more efficiently.
  • Allows for a faster treatment pathway.
  • Is ultimately better for the psychological health of the client.
  • Can uncover hidden insights to accelerate assessment, treatment and evaluation.
  • Interactive conversational AI.

How Mind Right supports Employers.

Mind Right minimises absenteeism. Mind Right’s triage provides an improved approach to accessing psychological rehabilitation and workplace mental health provisions for employers.

We reduce the cost of psychological and mental health related absences to your business, while supporting your employees with sympathetic, effective, targeted treatment.

Mind Right provides the most appropriate level of treatment.

Mind Right’s triage tool provides a stepped care approach to psychological rehabilitation for employers.

By safeguarding your employees’ psychological wellbeing while supporting them with sympathetic, effective care, we reduce the cost of psychological symptom-related absences to your business.

  • Allows for a quick, efficient triage and treatment pathway.
  • Leads to faster treatment.
  • Minimises absenteeism.
  • Safeguards your employees’ psychological wellbeing by providing the most appropriate level of treatment.
  • Stepped care approach reduces overall cost.
  • Ensures that the employee needing psychological rehabilitation has access to the right treatment.
  • Focused on the right goals, employees are able to return to the workplace sooner.
  • Interactive conversational AI.

How Mind Right supports Case Managers.

By determining the most efficient triage, Mind Right+Limbic, helps to reduce case time, reduces wait time for the patient, and gives them access to the right treatment at the earliest opportunity. Mind Right can triage to provide the right level of clinician, reducing the overall claim cost.

The digital triage tool also makes it possible to access all of Mind Right’s networks of clinicians at the right time, without over or under servicing a case. And because our new triage eliminates over-spend, this process leads to the most cost-efficient treatment pathway.

  • Mind Right establishes the right treatment pathways through triage using standardised psychometrics.
  • Enables case managers to more effectively manage their time.
  • Reduces wait time for the client and gives them access to the right treatment at the earliest opportunity.
  • Always provides the right level of clinician, reducing the overall claim cost.
  • Reduces referral time.
  • Enables case managers to better service their customers with concise and accurate clinical recommendations, including treatment duration and cost.
  • Facilitating human-like interaction.

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