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Mind Right is led by commercial clinicians and highly skilled mental health rehabilitation and return to work experts.

From our renowned MD, Pete Clark, with his decades of experience in the field of psychological treatment and case management, through our key leadership and clinical team, all of our decision makers are bound by the highest codes of clinical quality and ethics.

That means that the clinical needs of the patient are at the heart of every assessment, every treatment choice, every action that we take.

Our clinical governance structure is founded on:

How We Achieve Clinical Excellence

We constantly work to meet the highest possible standards to safeguard
the needs of the individual and to ensure that all involved parties are
kept informed. Our quality standards are ensured thanks to:

High Network Expectations

Every clinician we work with is a fully accredited member of their relevant governing body, with a minimum of two years’ post qualification experience. They continually deliver clinically sound assessment and treatment.

What’s more, they agree to abide by our in-house approach and clinical governance promise.

“We promise to maintain a portfolio of continued professional development (CPD). We promise to deliver treatment in line with guidance from NICE, BACP, BABCP and the HCPC. We promise to advise Mind Right of any changes to our circumstances which may inhibit our ability to deliver treatment to the highest standards.”

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Trust Built on Verification

While we trust that our network clinicians will always maintain the highest quality of clinical work, Mind Right works diligently to continually ensure service levels for our customers and clients through constant verification:

A rigorous onboarding process icon

A rigorous onboarding process

Including relevant experience checks, liability insurance checks, qualification and professional membership checks. Full environmental checks of clinical locations, where face-to-face assessments are carried out, are also undertaken.


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Quality assurance

For a minimum of three months following onboarding, all reports and clinical notes are reviewed for both quality and compliance with our customers' requirements. Clinical work and reporting will be scored, and only when a clinician is consistently meeting 98% compliance will the frequency of quality checks be considered for reduction. All clinicians, regardless of length of service or experience will have an absolute minimum of 10% of their work thoroughly scrutinised by our clinical QA team.

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Constant audits, checks and schedule come as standard at Mind Right. We're transparent too and the outcomes of audits are made freely available to you, our customer.



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Spot Checks

Each month, the clinical leaders at Mind Right select a random sample of reports for deep dive and detailed audits. In addition to this, Mind Right receives regular updates from the HCPC on fitness to practice concerns, which are then cross referenced with our clinical network.

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Focusing on the Next Level
of Psychological Intervention

Mind Right uses face to face and digital treatment delivery, combined with our years of experience and unique insight into the challenges that you face, to lead the way in psychological rehabilitation interventions. By remaining focused on improving the field and specialisms, we improve the rehabilitation and return to work process, supporting all stakeholders while meeting the needs of each patient.

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Innovation through

Mind Right proactively seeks appropriate, clinically sound technological advances to improve outcomes for patients, the client experience, and the value of our services, all while reducing errors and simplifying our processes.

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