Caring for Employers Who Care For Their Employees

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Mind Right: Caring for Employers Who Care For Their Employees

You have a duty of care to your employees.

Many businesses go above and beyond what’s required to keep their employees happy and healthy, with more and more employers investing in workplace healthcare to keep their workforce physically fit.

But what about mentally fit?

Few Occupational Health providers specialise in psychology. Fewer Employer Assistance Programme (EAP) services focus on actually returning employees to work. And even fewer psychotherapists consider the needs of employers when it comes to choosing treatment pathways.

Supporting your employees, treating them well and safeguarding their mental and psychological wellbeing can often be challenging if you’re stuck with legacy treatment pathways and less efficient treatments.

It’s just the way things are done.

The ‘not quite right’ way.

But it doesn’t need to be. Because there is another way.

The Mind Right way.

More Than Just Treating Symptoms

Imagine suffering an injury or illness that left you physically unable to return to work. Imagine how lost and isolated you’d feel.

Not being able to get back to the daily routine is one of the hardest parts of any recovery.

But when treating psychological symptoms, some mental healthcare professionals using historic treatment pathways don’t focus on returning employees to that much-needed and valued routine. Often they don’t make it easier for people to get back to their normal.

Mind Right’s network of professional psychologists and mental health experts focus on that return to the patient’s normality. They look to reduce the duration of absences to help your employees feel like things are getting back to normal.

Mind Right doesn’t just treat symptoms. We equip your employees with the tools they need to sustain their return to work, to safeguard their own mental health, to feel happier, healthier and more productive.

We Care. Because You Care.

Good managers care about the wellbeing of the people that make up their teams. But even the best managers may not be equipped to support the mental health needs of your employees.

That’s where we come in. We assume a duty of care for your individual employees - getting them the right treatment and reducing your responsibilities and risks.

We offer a fully transparent, flexible workplace healthcare and treatment service, one that combines remote, digital and face-to-face options that suit your employees’ individual needs, all the while keeping you up to date with their progress and helping you to plan for - and support - their return to the workplace.

Equally importantly, we’ll support your managers with advice on how to best manage those employees that are struggling. We will equip your leaders to lead with confidence despite the psychological health struggles of their employees.

Mind Right Does it Better

We don’t just promise to offer a better service to employers. We go out and deliver a better service for employers. Here’s how:

We Expect More: All of our clinicians are fully accredited, have a minimum two years’ post-qualification experience, and promise to continually develop their skills.

We Innovate More: We don’t settle for the old ways of doing things. We use the most appropriate, clinically sound technology to improve our service levels, and we lead the way in applying new treatments to rehabilitation and return-to-work processes.

We Listen More: We work hard on behalf of employers by acting on what you’ve asked for. That means reducing the millions of days lost each year to absences with effective, open treatment. It means providing support to you, as well as your employee, so you can understand the situation. And it means making clear, non-risk averse statements about capability and disability so you’re armed with the right information.

We Lead More: By championing change with our unique proposition, Mind Right doesn’t just do more for employers and clients, we’re paving the way for how psychological rehabilitation will be performed in the future.

For more information on what makes Mind Right different, and how we provide a better, results-focused service, read our About Workplace Support page.

A Better Way to Provide Psychological Healthcare

If you care about your employees’ mental wellbeing and want to reduce mental health related issues and absences, Mind Right is here to support you.

Call us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll explain exactly how we can support you to support your staff in the way that's right for you all with our unique workplace healthcare service.

You can keep doing things the old way. The ‘not quite right’ way.

Or you can choose the right way.

The Mind Right way.