Accessing Mental Health Treatments Shouldn't Be a Source of Anxiety for Case Managers

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Accessing Quality Mental Health Treatments Shouldn’t Be a Source of Anxiety for Case Managers

Case Management isn’t always an easy job.

And as a Case Manager, you’ll often be handling competing demands on a daily basis. The needs of your client, who requires effective treatment. The needs of the healthcare provider, who’ll need funding and information. And the needs of the employer or insurer footing the bill, who need to know that you’re making the right decisions with their money.

Adding mental health into the equation just makes things more difficult. Everyone knows the treatment pathway for a broken leg. Reset the bone, fit a cast, wait a few weeks, then on with the physiotherapy. With mental health, it seems different.

Goalposts can move. Treatments may drift. Costs could spiral. And there’s the ever-present chance that your workload is growing.

Those extra hours you’re working? Unfortunately not all of them are billable. There should be a better way.

There is.

The Mind Right Way.

Reducing the Stress Around Mental Health Provision

Mental health and psychological cases can be hard for Case Managers to handle. While you – as an expert clinician – understand treatment options and provision, the providers you use are often unclear on the challenges you face and the needs you have.

This is especially true with psychological care. Addressing one issue can often lead to creating another. One treatment pathway can uncover a potential issue on the horizon, and the psychological experts might well decide that more work is needed. Whether or not this is right for the patient, it’s rarely good for you as the case manager. Because treatment drifts. And with no end goal available or set parameters, treatment can drift a long way indeed.

The end result of that drift is too often Case Managers spending long hours decoding unclear notes and recommendations - hours you can’t always bill for - and suddenly the situation becomes a little trickier.

It’s not because you’re doing anything wrong. It’s not even because the treatment providers are wrong. It’s just often due to a lack of focus on what Case Managers need. But focus is what Mind Right provides to any psychological treatment plan.

Serving the Needs of Case Managers and the Needs of Patients

Working with you, we’ll connect you with a member of our professional network, who’ll outline clear goals for your clients and plan a stepped recovery that’ll return them to work and to normality as quickly and effectively as possible.

That’s the right outcome for them, and for you. By focusing on a clearly defined goal, and indeed on symptoms trigged by the index event, we eliminate treatment drift, and with it, reduce the number of unbillable hours you need to contribute to a particular case.

And we do what we can to reduce your workload further - without impacting client care. All reports are given in clear, non-emotive, plain language wherever possible, so you’re not left needing to decode clinical jargon for your customers or tone down emotive language that simply won’t work for your customers.

You’ll be treated as the driver in your client’s recovery, treated by our clinicians as the key stakeholder that’s kept fully informed every step of the way.

Mind Right Does it Better

We don’t just promise to offer a better service to Case Managers. We go out and deliver a better service for Case Managers. Here’s how:

We Expect More: All of our clinicians are fully accredited, have a minimum two years’ post-qualification experience, and promise to continually develop their skills.

We Innovate More: We don’t settle for the old ways of doing things. We use the most appropriate, clinically sound technology to improve our service levels, and we lead the way in applying new treatments to rehabilitation and return-to-work processes.

We Listen More: We developed our offering by listening to Case Managers. You need to reduce time investments? We made our service simple, seamless and transparent. You need to reduce risk? We assumed the duty of care for each client. You needed clarity? We focused on clear, easy reporting and communications.

We Lead More: By championing change with our unique proposition, Mind Right doesn’t just do more for Case Managers and clients, we’re paving the way for how psychological rehabilitation will be performed in the future.

For more information on what makes Mind Right different, and how we provide a better, results-focused service, read our About page.

A Better Way to Provide Psychological Care

If you’re seeing a high number of unbillable hours, or finding it challenging to handle your psychological rehabilitation cases then you Mind Right can help.

Call us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll explain exactly how we can support your Case Management efforts with our new, effective psychological treatment provision.

You can keep doing things the old way. The ‘not quite right’ way.

Or you can choose the right way.

The Mind Right way.