Peace of Mind for Personal Injury Solicitors

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Mind Right: Peace of Mind for Personal Injury Solicitors

The job of a personal injury solicitor can be a real challenge.

You have to keep the plates spinning, supporting injured parties, managing insurers, investigating the facts and finding expert opinions when those facts aren’t clear.

The choices you make have a very real impact on the outcomes for everyone involved.

And when it comes to mental health and psychological care, those outcomes can be significant and long lasting.

You want to make the right choices, to choose the best possible treatment and the best possible support for your client. The right choice isn’t always clear.

At least it hasn’t been. Until now.

Until Mind Right.


Expert Analysis, Expert Support, Expert Treatment

When it comes to a road traffic accident or workplace injury, chances are you’ll know who to ask for appraisals of physical damage - both to the vehicle, and anybody in it at the time. You’ll have expert doctors who can assess injuries and let you know potential recovery times and treatment options.

Because physical injuries are usually clear. And treatment options and pathways to recovery are equally clear.

But with 50%* of all road traffic collisions leaving claimants with anxiety, mood changes or other mental and psychological issues, do you know who to turn to for that same expert analysis? That support? That treatment?

Many psychological treatment providers lack experience of the personal injury market and struggle to support the needs of your processes whilst also giving your client the right care.

Unfortunately, this can often lead to inconsistent diagnosis and treatment creep with no clear focus on an end recovery goal. It can sometimes see clients not getting the best possible treatments. And as a knock-on, cases become more and more confusing, time-consuming and complex, which in turn leads to suboptimal outcomes for your clients and everybody involved in a case.

You’re not alone. We’ve seen the exact same thing. And that’s why we created Mind Right.


Expertise You Can Count On

Mind Right’s network of psychological healthcare professionals are fully vetted to ensure that they give the very best treatment and advice to your clients.

They use a stepped, goal-focused approach to return claimants to their pre-accident function as soon as possible, to help them go back to a more normal life. Every psychological care expert we partner with is focused on delivering the best outcome for your client - which often means the simplest, quickest resolution to your cases.

And much like a good solicitor is constantly training, learning and developing professional skills, so too are our healthcare experts challenged to train, learn and develop. In fact, we provide CPD opportunities for our network while monitoring the CPD engagement of all our clinicians.

Our management team have spent their careers in the personal injury market and deeply understand the processes and needs of all key stakeholders. We use this knowledge and experience to guide our clinicians to deliver the right treatment, at the right time whilst meeting the needs of solicitors and insurers alike. This means that your processes will be supported and we can ensure no push back from the insurer on funding by keeping treatment focused.

Combined with a strict, open auditing procedure and an approach on delivering only necessary, appropriate and effective treatments, Mind Right is able to do what’s right for our service users and our customers.

For you, and for your clients.


Mind Right Does it Better

We don’t just promise to offer a better service to solicitors. We go out and deliver a better service for solicitors. Here’s how:

We Expect More: All of our clinicians are fully accredited, have a minimum two years’ post-qualification experience, and promise to continually develop their skills.

We Innovate More: We don’t settle for the old ways of doing things. We use the most appropriate, clinically sound technology to improve our service levels, and we lead the way in applying new treatments to rehabilitation and return-to-work processes.

We Listen More: We put solicitors at the heart of the process. You’re involved in finding the right support for your clients, so we give you the right information, delivered clearly, to support you in making the right recommendations and decisions. And we always listen to your feedback to ensure your voice is heard.

We Lead More: By championing change with our unique proposition, Mind Right doesn’t just do more for solicitors and clients, we’re paving the way for how psychological rehabilitation will be performed in the future.

For more information on what makes Mind Right different, and how we provide a better, results-focused service, read our About page.


A Better Way to Support Solicitors

If you want to be able to provide your clients with the best possible healthcare, delivered effectively and in a transparent way that’ll help the resolution of your cases, Mind Right is here for you.

Call us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll explain exactly how we can support your firm of solicitors with our unique psychological healthcare service.

You can keep doing things the old way. The ‘not quite right’ way.

Or you can choose the right way.

The Mind Right way.


*Reference Assessment and treatment of PTSD after a motor vehicle collision: Empirical findings and clinical observations by J. Gayle Beck and Scott F. Coffey.