Pete Clark talks about Mind Right

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Led by MD Pete Clark, Mind Right was formed to guide people through a huge, ongoing cultural shift in the way we think about - and treat - psychological injury and ill health, and to champion a new way of working.

A way that puts outcomes for clients first; that delivers effective treatments so that employers can welcome key people back to their teams more quickly; that supports case managers and insurers. A way of working that’s right for everyone.

Here Pete shares his thoughts about his personal involvement in Mind Right and his own background.

What do you want to achieve with Mind Right?

Mind Right will change the way buyers of psychological treatment experience the customer journey whilst delivering the best possible client journey for those we treat. We really understand the experiences and needs of our customers in both the personal injury and employer markets. We have a management team that has worked in both personal injury case management and occupational health, and can deliver a product that meets the needs of both the client and customer, without compromising on the experience of either.

In short, through our customer-centric approach, knowledge and experience, Mind Right is on track to become the market leader and psychological treatment provider of choice for case managers, insurers, solicitors, employers, occupational health providers and employee benefits providers.

What is it like being a part of handl Group?

Being part of handl Group has been a fantastic experience. Both myself and Mind Right have been given space and time to grow whilst being given full support at every turn. Having other group businesses around us, working in a similar space offers great networking opportunities and there’s a great sense of a wider team, pulling together to create a stronger whole.

What has been the highlight of your career?

I’ve been really fortunate and there have been many highlights. In my clinical career, every time I made a genuine difference in a client’s life was very important to me. Since then I’ve taken particular pleasure in developing and launching new services which I can see having that same impact whilst simultaneously making a difference for my customers. More recently, I’m incredibly proud of the launch of Mind Right, and excited to watch the business grow, delivering the best possible treatment options for our clients.

Who are your inspirations in life?

My parents. I lost my dad far too young, but he and my mum have always inspired me. We are quite different - they were both market traders - but they taught me the value of hard work and that nothing can be achieved until you make a start.

Beyond them, when I was young, I was treated by a very special occupational therapist who was ultimately responsible for my career choices. Her compassion and efforts to really understand my needs blew me away. Matching that is something I still aspire to.

Where have you worked prior to Mind Right?

My first career after graduating from University with a psychology degree was in banking where I was part of a high street bank’s graduate management scheme.

Eventually, I remembered that I had wanted to be an occupational therapist and went back to University to re-train. After graduating a second time I worked in various areas of specialism in the NHS - neurology, general medicine, rapid response, trauma and orthopaedics, forensic mental health, acute adult mental health and older people’s mental health. I took on more senior roles designing, implementing and leading a mental health in-reach programme where my team of therapists took over the rehabilitation of individuals who were inpatients in general hospital whilst also experiencing significant mental health issues.

On leaving the NHS I moved into case management, working as a catastrophic injury case manager before continuing to management, new service development, senior operational roles and business development, and eventually sitting on the operating board of one of the UK’s most successful independent rehabilitation providers.

It was during 2020 that I took on the challenge of working with handl to launch Mind Right.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

As I’ve already mentioned, I became an occupational therapist, in part because of the fantastic experience I had working with an OT on my own rehabilitation post-surgery. I have cerebral palsy from a birth injury and needed several surgeries as a child. This particular OT helped me to be a stronger, more independent person. She had a huge impact on my life.

Years later, when I was a senior OT myself, I bumped into her at a conference. It was really emotional for me and I poured my heart out about the impact she had on my whole life. She didn’t remember me at all.

Rather than feeling put out, this new experience reminded me of what an important part we clinicians play in the lives of our clients. With every normal, mundane day of our clinical practice, we can change the lives of each and every one of our clients.

I’ll never forget that, and I’ll make sure none of Mind Right’s clinicians do either.

Is there a book you would recommend to people?

I’m a sucker for trashy horror novels. I’d take a good Stephen King novel over most anything else.

What makes you happy?

My wife, my 12 month old daughter and my dog, Stanley.

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